2018 Porsche Cayenne: Go Digital Or Go Home!

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It is no secret that Porsche is developing the next-gen Cayenne and the vehicle is expected to get unveiled next year. While Porsche has yet to provide the details on what the Cayenne will have to offer, we can still learn plenty about the vehicle thanks to the insiders and spy shots.

Speaking of which, a new set of spy shots for the next-gen Cayenne has already surfaced online and it shows more on the interior of the car. As you can see in the picture here, the Cayenne adopts a new infotainment system that is apparently button free.

It is pretty obvious that Porsche wants to digitalize their cars and the infotainment system will come with a touchscreen interface as well as a variety of connectivity options. What we are unsure of is a single volume knob that can make the infotainment system easier to use by the driver.

The absence of a volume knob will certainly make the Cayenne less appealing than it should be. We have already sent our query to Porsche and are still pending to get a response from the German carmaker.