2018 Subaru BRZ tS: A Turbo Away From Extreme Volume!

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2017 has proven to be a successful year for Subaru and a large portion of the credits belong to the BRZ. The BRZ may not be a pure Subaru vehicle but it is affordable and fun car – even when without a satisfying power output.

Sales have shown that there are a lot of love for the BRZ and it’s even better for the tS trim. Some may question on the pricing of the Subaru tS but the numbers have shown that the consumers are willing to fork out close to $40,000 for the upgraded sports car.

If people are willing to spend that amount of money for a BRZ tS that has a new wing and suspension upgrades only, the obvious says that a turbocharged upgrade for the car will bring significant boost to sales of the car

It’s certainly Subaru’s call to make and they may also need Toyota’s approval if they want to offer a turbo mill with the BRZ.