2018 Suzuki Swift: The True Honda Civic DX Successor!

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Do you recall the Honda Civic DX? The affordable sports hatchback from the 90s received a lot of love for being light, quick and nimble all at the same time. Ever since then, the Civic has gotten bigger and bigger which means that there is no real successor for the old Civic DX.

Well, we can say that we have found a car that can make us forget about the old hatch and it is the Suzuki Swift. The next-gen Swift has made its unveiling at Frankfurt and everything about it reminded us of the old Civic DX.

The new Swift is still a subcompact car and it is extremely light. The 2100lbs body means that you can enjoy swift performance even if the car only has 138hp to offer. Heck, power can be boosted with aftermarket parts as the Swift relies on a 1.4L inline-4 engine.

The next-gen Swift is truly an attraction and it is expected to offer some fight against the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta. Too bad the Swift is not expected to cross the Atlantic pond into the US.