2018 Tesla Model S: Don’t Call It Semi-Autonomous

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After seeing so many complaints on the Autopilot system, Tesla has decided to keep things basic for both the Model S and Model X. Every new Model S and Model X today are limited to only semi-autonomous technologies instead of having a full-blown Autopilot system like in the earlier days.

Well, if the reason you purchased a new Model S or Model X is to enjoy the self-driving technology, we have great news for you. Tesla Motors revealed earlier today that the next-gen Autopilot system is in its final stages of development and it should be ready to arrive in early next year.

The next-gen Autopilot system will get rolled out on every car from Tesla through a software update. With it, you can enjoy the self-driving features that made Tesla famous. Furthermore, the next-gen Autopilot system is more enhanced that it will leave you relaxed in the cockpit.

Tesla Motors also called for the consumers to not be upset by the limited semi-autonomous technology on the Model S and X as the update will fully change the playing field.