2018 Toyota Camry Not Ready To Bow At Honda, Mazda

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If all-time global sales figures are to be referred to, the Toyota Camry is probably the bestselling name around and it is easy to understand why. Every new generation Camry released has always turned into a benchmark for rival makes to follow and things are no different for the upcoming model.

The next-gen Camry will be available for sale later this month and it is truly a wonder how Toyota is able to maintain the same recipe for success. Unlike the Honda Accord which has gone the full-turbo route, the Camry continues to rely on naturally aspirated mills and they keep getting better.

Take the Camry SE as an example. The midsized sedan can return up to 45mpg in fuel economy. For a non-hybrid midsized sedan, the numbers are amazing and no rivals can match it. Mazda once showed that they can offer something similar with SkyActiv but they will need to do more before they can match the new Camry.

It goes to say that the Camry is not ready to bow down to rival vehicles and it doesn’t plan to do so at all. The likes of Honda Accord and Mazda 6 will need to do a lot more if they really want to dethrone the Toyota Camry.