2018 Toyota Camry Promises Android-Rivalling Infotainment System

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The next-gen Toyota Camry is one of the most anticipated cars right now and it promises plenty of new features to offer. While the full details are not out yet, we can confirm that the Camry will arrive with a brand new infotainment system and it is one that can leave you surprised.

This is because the new infotainment system is operating on a Linux-based system and this means that it will be as smooth as the Apple iOS and Google Android. Speaking of Google, the company is now developing Android-powered infotainment systems for a number of auto manufacturers but it has yet to have anything to show.

Toyota prefers to build their own system as they want it to integrate well with their cars. What’s best about it is that the infotainment system from Toyota will also feature Android Auto hence you don’t have to worry about using Google Maps or other Google-exclusive functions.

The full details on this are expected to surface when Toyota brings out the next-gen Camry. Are you excited?