2018 Toyota Camry Rightfully Devalues Honda Type R!

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The name Type R from Honda is so popular that it does not take a car fan to love the moniker. With a rich history for offering the best performance in its class, the name Type R is truly valuable to Honda.

Later this year however, Honda is going to change their approach with the Type R moniker as they are going to build their line-up based on their ultimate creation. This move will start with the next-gen Accord, which will see the V6 mill getting replaced with the 2L turbo-4 that features on the latest Civic Type R.

However, Honda has decided not to call the car the Accord Type R as the motor used will be detuned for greater smoothness on the road. The aim here is to offer a seamless driving experience with the best balance in power and fuel economy.

Some Civic Type R lovers that have heard of this felt insulted since the move will only degrade the Type R value. It doesn’t help knowing that the preview power figures for the Accord with the 2L unit are no better than the range topping Toyota Camry.

The latter run on a V6 engine and it is still able to return Prius-like fuel economy. If that is not exciting enough, the Camry is able to retain similar power levels from its predecessor.

The fact that Camry can do so with a naturally aspirated engine makes it the more advanced car in terms of performance and fuel economy. If this means defeat for the Accord, it will only hurt the Type R name further.