2018 Toyota Camry: Taking A Dig At Android Infotainments

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Toyota has got some big plans for the 2018 Camry and among them is the introduction of a brand new infotainment system. Toyota revealed earlier today that the next-gen infotainment system is going to be extra special because the feature will be a Linux-based system.

This is something which we never expected of Toyota, especially when seeing many carmakers calling for Google to develop an Android-based infotainment system for them. Clearly, Toyota shows no interest to join this trend as they believe that their Linux infotainment system can be better.

But of course, Google-related features like Maps and Android Auto are bound to be made available on the infotainment system from Toyota. The Linux system will ensure a smooth infotainment experience with no lags to worry about.

The final verdict will come out once Toyota launches the next Camry and we certainly can’t wait to check it out. Will Toyota be able to impress with their ‘homemade’ technology?