2018 Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord: Why Honda Wins…

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Deciding between the all-new Toyota Camry and Honda Accord can be really tough because both vehicles are near identical to one another. Be it performance, price or fuel economy, the new Camry and Accord offer similar figures so which car should you pick?

As how it is mentioned in the title above, you should look into getting the Honda Accord and we say so because the midsized sedan from Honda is more complete than the Toyota Camry.

On the brochures, the range-topping Accord that runs on the Civic Type R-sourced 2L turbo-4 mill may look underwhelming when compared to the Toyota Camry with the V6 but the detuned power output is still enough for the Accord to hit 60mph 0.1s faster than the Camry.

Furthermore, both vehicles are equal when it comes to fuel economy although the numbers on the Accord are yet to be finalized by EPA. The only advantage here with the Camry is the prospect of better and cheaper reliability since the car does not come with a turbocharger.

But then again, the Camry is not complete when it comes to features. Both vehicles are equally comforting but it is the Accord that handles better. Furthermore, the Accord comes equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These features are proven to boost ride experience thus giving the Accord an advantage over its blood rival.

Some of you may think that in-cabin features are not as important as performance and we should remind you that the Camry and Accord are built to be a daily slave. It’s just Accord for the win this time round and the only reason to snub it for the Camry is if you are not interested in turbochargers.