2018 Toyota Century: A Japanese-Flavoured Rolls Royce?

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Never in a million years will we ever associate a Toyota with a Rolls Royce as both companies are catering to completely different markets. But today, the circumstances have changed as Toyota is showing its extreme luxury face by teasing on the Century.

The Century is a saloon that has a very classy design but its modern retro appearance does not imply prehistoric technologies at all. From the design, we can see that the car is equipped with adaptive projector LED headlights and specially tuned suspension

The car has a measurement of 335mm (210in) long, 1,930mm (76in) wide, and 1,505mm (59.2in) tall, with a 3,090mm (121.6in) wheelbase thus putting the saloon on the same spectrum with the likes of Range Rover.

In short, the Century does not look like a typical production car from Toyota. Instead, the Century feels like the ultimate Japanese luxury vehicle. The biggest proof is with the wool seats, which Japanese view as more luxurious than leather.

The full details on the Century will be out at the Tokyo Motor Show next week. So, do you think it is right to say that the Century is a Japanese Rolls Royce in the alternate universe?