2018 Toyota Supra: Beat The Tundra Or Be A Tundra

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The pressure on the upcoming Toyota Supra is real as anything short of awesome will confirm that Toyota has lost its touch in the performance market.

According to the majority of sports car lovers, Toyota has already destroyed the name 86 by launching an underwhelming sports coupe with that name. The name Supra holds a special place in motorsports history and the fans can’t accept it if the upcoming model can’t live up to its reputation.

To achieve this goal, Toyota does not need to look at rival performance cars as all they need to do is carefully tune the Supra to beat the range-topping Tundra. The latter is not just an ordinary pickup truck. It is, in fact, the fastest production vehicle in Toyota’s lineup at present moment.

The Tundra is now being offered with TRD superchargers and this allows it to pump out more power. The Supra will need to do one better and anything slower will only destroy the car’s prospects for success