2018 Toyota Supra: Definition Of Sports Feeling The Heat!

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In a matter of months from now, Toyota is expected to launch the next-gen Supra and seeing that the Supra nameplate has got a strong legacy in the performance scene, there is a lot of pressure on the next model to deliver extreme speed.

There is still a great deal of uncertainty on what powertrain will feature on the upcoming Supra. Some rumors are indicating that the Supra will rely on a 2L turbo-4 that is developed together with BMW. On the other hand, the spy videos are all hinting on the application of a performance hybrid powertrain.

For us, we are not fazed by the powertrain debate as that is not the major concern with the Supra. We find that beating the Toyota Tundra is the biggest goal for the Supra.

We specifically mention the Tundra because the pickup truck is now the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up. With the aid of TRD superchargers, the Tundra can sprint from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. It would suck if a pure sports car can’t offer quicker performance than a larger pickup truck.

Should the Supra fail to beat the Tundra, then it will confirm that Toyota has definitely lost the definition of sports.