2018 Toyota Supra Must Outpace Toyota Tundra Or Be A Failure

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What is the tool that determines whether or not a particular sports car is a failure? For the upcoming Toyota Supra, we would gladly say that the Tundra is the measuring stick that will be used to see if the sports car is a success or a failure.

We brought up the Tundra because the large pickup truck is currently the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up. It all happened at the start of this year when Toyota offered consumers the option to purchase the Tundra with a TRD supercharger which offers a significant boost to performance.

To put things into context, the Tundra is a pickup truck and not a sports car so if the upcoming Supra is unable to outpace it, then it should be viewed as a failure on the performance side of things.

The Supra is already being decorated as the best sports car ever produced by Toyota so it is important for it to beat the Tundra on the performance front. Anything short will be unacceptable.