2018 Toyota Supra: Performance Deemed Pointless Should Tundra Wins!

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The next-gen Toyota Supra is inching closer to making its debut and many can’t wait to check out what the vehicle will have to offer. The Supra’s arrival will mark Toyota’s return in the road-legal performance scene and it will be interesting to see how the sports car performs.

The details on the Supra are not out yet and this has led to many discussions on what the potential powertrain potential will be. Personally, we wouldn’t mind the powertrain on the Supra that much because we feel that it is more important for the car to be faster than the Tundra.

We say Tundra because the pickup truck is now offered with TRD Supercharger and this makes it the fastest vehicle in Toyota’s camp. With the Supra being a pure sports car, we feel that it is top priority for Toyota to ensure that the Supra can outpace the Tundra to become their fastest vehicle yet.

Anything short of this would be a big blow for the Japanese carmaker because it will claim that Toyota has lost the definition of sports performance. What do you think?