2018 Toyota Tacoma: Well-Being Threatened By Self-Inflicted Issues!

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The word issues and Toyota may not mix too often but this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. Toyota may have the best reputation for producing the most reliable cars around be we can cross the Tacoma out of that list.

This cannot be helped as the Tacoma looks like the weakest vehicle in Toyota’s line-up and this is despite of the fact that Toyota’s reliability reputation has helped in making the midsized pickup truck into the bestseller in the segment.

While not widely reported, some major issues which Tacoma owners encountered with their vehicle include a broken 6-speed auto transmission (fixed via last year ECU update), poor low-end torque and glitch electronics.

These may not sound like much but in the face of stiffer competition ahead, they may force the Tacoma into a sales decline. Toyota will need to sort it out quickly or risk falling behind the upcoming Ford Ranger and also the Jeep Scrambler.