2018 Volkswagen Atlas Admits Defeat Against Mazda CX-9?

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Many are excited for the Volkswagen Atlas as the large SUV promises a different kind of experience when compared to the segment greats. The Atlas wants to be the most engaging large SUV rather than just being practical and affordable like the Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-9.

Because of this, the Atlas brags a potential so huge but everything took a slide after the last LA Auto Show came to a close. The LA Auto Show saw Mazda impressing the crowd with a diesel-powered CX-5 and they are considering offering diesel engines with other SUVs namely the CX-9.

If this is to happen, then it will grant the CX-9 a much wider market reach. This is where the Atlas won’t be able to compete as offering diesels have turned into a taboo for Volkswagen.

With that being said, it is acceptable to see Volkswagen admitting defeat to the CX-9 when it comes to market reach. But Volkswagen also warned that the Atlas should not be taken lightly as it may still return impressive sales once the vehicle makes its debut next year.