2018 Volkswagen Atlas Can’t Hold A Candle To Ford Explorer

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The Volkswagen Atlas made its debut back in June this year and it enjoyed a respectable start on the sales front. Since it debuted, a total of 5,329 Atlas have been sold and it got a section of the consumers tipping the Atlas to outsell the Ford Explorer in the near future.

Well, that is unlikely to happen because the Explorer is still a strong selling vehicle despite the sharp financial decline for American-made vehicles. The Explorer is one of the few vehicles in Ford’s line-up that enjoyed an incline on July sales and the figures stood at 18,763.

Sure, the Explorer may be more expansive than the Atlas on every trim level but the consumers can accept it thanks to the extra power they get with the SUV from Ford. If you are to look at the range-topping Explorer, you will see that the twin-turbo V6 the SUV runs on has 365hp. This is almost 100hp more than what a fully loaded Atlas is capable of.

100hp is a huge gap that separates the Explorer and the Atlas, and this makes the $5000 extra for the SUV from Ford all the more worth it. The Atlas can still attract plenty of buyers but we don’t see it threatening the Explorer at all.