2018 Volkswagen Atlas: Is This What America Wants? [Review]

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It seems that the all-new Volkswagen Atlas is the perfect large SUV for the American market. We were convinced after giving the Atlas a test drive yesterday and were actually amazed by the performance which the vehicle has to offer.

We drove the Atlas that relies on a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and did not feel any disappointment with the base model at all. For a large vehicle that has 235hp, the Atlas can cruise smoothly and overtaking at high speed does not require much effort at all.

We also noticed the 4Motion drive settings but never really managed to give it an attempt. The system has four presets and they are road, snow, off-road and off-road custom. Even without testing out this particular feature, it is obvious that the AWD setup on the Atlas can also handle some off-road fun.

More importantly, we really like the practicality side of the Atlas. Every seat inside the cabin is somehow more comfortable than the Honda Ridgeline. Space is also not an issue as the third row seats can fit in a tall adult comfortably. The seats can be moved and folded to free up more cargo space thus making it the perfect family hauler.

Today, most consumers want a car that can handle multiple duties and this is why we recommend the Atlas. The SUV is stylish, performs decently, practical and can also handle the off-roads. What more can you ask from it?