2018 Volkswagen Atlas ‘R-Line’ Inspires Grand Cherokee Look

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What you’re looking at above is not an ordinary Volkswagen Atlas. If for a second you thought it was a Jeep Grand Cherokee that has been rebadged by Volkswagen, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself because we thought the same way too. So what is the SUV pictured above?

Well, it is the upcoming Atlas but one that is equipped with the R-Line package. Volkswagen teased on the R-Line earlier today when they revealed that the package will give the Atlas a more premium and bolder look.

The R-Line adds in unique front and rear bumpers, new side skirts, and 20-inch wheels. The changes are only limited to appearance inside and outside of the Atlas. There are no modifications made to the powertrain.

The end result does look fascinating but the boxy shape of the Atlas paired to the right amount of shiny elements does make it look like a German Jeep Grand Cherokee.