2018 Volkswagen Atlas vs Mazda CX-9 vs Honda Pilot: Talking Design

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Both the Mazda CX-9 and the Honda Pilot are two of the most popular SUVs here in the US and they will soon face a new challenge from Volkswagen. The German carmaker has already confirmed that they want to conquer the large SUV segment and they intend to do so with the Atlas.

The latter looks set to make its debut next year and a concept model has already been unveiled earlier this year. Everything about the Atlas looks promising but will it be better than the Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-9?

Well, the powertrain details are not out yet so we can’t compare on the performance of the Atlas with the big dogs in the segment. But when it comes to styling, the Atlas may just lack an edge over its future rivals.

We say this because the Atlas looks like it is designed in the early 2010s. The boxy structure with curvy details is something that is commonly applied half a decade ago and this may have a negative effect on the sales.

The Pilot’s design is near similar to the Atlas but it incorporates up-to-date tech features to give off a fresh new look. The best design is with the CX-9 that is styled to perfection. The CX-9 does not look bloated and it offers great proportion.

Between the three, the CX-9 looks best and the Pilot comes second. It will be interesting to see how the Atlas will get received by the public with its mature appearance.