2018 Volkswagen e-Golf Can’t Measure Up To Nissan Leaf!

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Just when we thought that Volkswagen should’ve just scrapped the e-Golf, the German carmaker gave the EV hatchback an update that focuses on driving range.

The 2018 e-Golf is now available for purchase here in the US and with it, you can enjoy a larger 35.8kWh battery pack that boost range to 125 miles. This is quite a significant upgrade and all can be yours from only $31,315.

But if you are the value-for-money sort of buyer, the calling fee for the updated e-Golf may sound unworthy as you can get more with a new generation Nissan Leaf.

The new Leaf was unveiled last week and it can offer about 150 miles of driving range. 25 miles over the e-Golf may not sound like much but you should consider that the Leaf is better equipped with advanced driving technologies.

Besides, the Leaf is expected to retail under $30,000 before incentives and this makes it a worthier purchase than the e-Golf.