2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Caught Taking A Page Off GM’s Playbook

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Maximizing profits is the ultimate goal for every carmaker and this is something GM is really good at. Despite not having a bestseller in recent years, GM has posted huge gains and this is thanks to one particular strategy – selling an older generation model alongside a newer model.

Such a tactic can allow GM to target more consumers from the lower income bracket and also help them clear out excessive stocks. It is a strategy that has served them well and now this is being copied by Volkswagen.

The German carmaker revealed that they are surprised to see the Tiguan still selling well despite being very close to being replaced by a newer generation model. As such, Volkswagen has confirmed that the older Tiguan will be sold alongside the newer model at a much cheaper price and with a different name.

The older Tiguan will be sold as the Tiguan Limited and it is confirmed to be the cheapest, German-manufactured vehicle when released. With the US market being in deep love with crossovers, the move to sell the Tiguan Limited may make it rain gold for Volkswagen.