2018 Volvo XC60 Receives Big Praises, Twin-Charge However…

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The latest generation Volvo XC60 is rated highly for having a nice design, performance and a reasonable MSRP. With such a combination, it explains why the new XC60 is selling like hotcakes here in the US.

But like all cars, the XC60 has its own set of flaws although they are pretty minor by today’s standards. Popular reviewer StraightPipes got their hands on the XC60 early on and they have plenty of praises for the SUV.

However, there is one big worry with the XC60 and that is the twin-charged engine. The powertrain setup can offer the best balance in power and fuel economy but it is still unproven on the reliability front.

This is something that cannot be graded today as it requires time to measure on how bulletproof the twin-charge powertrain on the XC60 truly is. Until then, you can check out all the perks on the luxury SUV through the video review below.