2018 VW Polo Brings Golf Nightmare To Ford Fiesta

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The subcompact scene is about to get bigger and we mean this both literally and figuratively. In a matter of weeks from now, Ford will begin selling the new generation Fiesta. The new Fiesta is slightly longer and noticeably wider than its predecessor.

What’s best about the Fiesta is the ST trim, which will rely on a turbocharged 3-cylinder EcoBoost mill that can develop 197hp. The engine capacity may be smaller than its predecessor but it can pump out 17hp more. The icing on the cake is with the cylinder deactivation technology that allows the Fiesta ST to offer greater fuel economy despite having a more refined performance.

But of course, victory is not guaranteed for the Fiesta as Volkswagen too is offering a new generation Polo. Built on the MQB A0 platform, the new Polo is bigger in size and it is about 6% smaller than the Golf.

Also, the engine options with the Polo are near identical to that of the Golf. The Polo GTI is confirmed to run on a 2L TSI 4-cylinder engine that is expected to boast 217hp. With the Golf-sourced mill already a proven performer, the Polo GTI has the potential to outpace the upcoming Fiesta ST with ease.

But of course, a race is needed to confirm on which subcompact is champion on the track. Will the Polo GTI reign supreme or will the Fiesta ST cause a massive upset?