2019 Acura MDX Will Have A Winning Configuration!

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Honda’s luxury arm, Acura, is widely considered as a bottom-tier luxury carmaker and this is due to their unattractive offerings in the market. The only good thing that comes with an Acura is hallmark SH-AWD drivetrain and nothing more. Even the design of their cars is rated lowly by the average consumers.

The good news is that Acura has realized their faults and they desire to commence a new era by the end of this year. The new direction which Acura is taking will be spearheaded by the next-gen MDX and early previews of the vehicle has promised on an exciting offering.

For starters, the MDX will be offered with a more refined version of SH-AWD. This is then followed by a new design that finally looks decent, unlike its beak-looking predecessor. The interior too promises a neat finish with the use of high-quality materials.

The icing on the cake is with the axing of a full-touchscreen infotainment system. In its place will be a slate that functions with a cleverly designed touchpad.

Acura quoted that their mistake was trying to follow the industry trends and it resulted in the decline of the driving experience on their vehicles. The MDX will change that and it will perhaps push Acura upwards in brand perception.