2019 Audi A7 Reminds Us A8 Is Not For Everyone

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Audi certainly managed to wow the masses when the pull the curtains off the next-gen A8 and it got many wishing to own the car. Well, today, we can say that you may not want an A8 at all and this is because the car is not tailored for the mass market.

The A8 is for the young executive that wants a comfortable commuter with the best luxuries to offer. When it comes to drivability and aesthetics however, it is the upcoming A7 which you should feast your eyes at.

The above picture is exactly what we are referring to and it got leaked online earlier today. Dubbed as the next A7 Sportback the car looks like an A8 but with greater balance in sportiness and luxuries. It is like how the Honda Civic is to the Accord or how the BMW 8-Series is to the 7-Series.

The next-gen A7 will be making its debut next year and we can’t wait to see how the Sportback variant will look like in person.