2019 BMW M2 CS Hopes Raised Following M4’s Fallout

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The majority BMW lovers are really disappointed by the newly released M4 CS and this is down to a number of reasons. The car is overpriced for the things which it has to offer and it is also underwhelming on the performance front.

Many believe that a basic M4 can do better than the M4 CS just by spending a little more on tunings and the car will still end up being a lot cheaper than the newer model. The response surrounding the M4 CS has been mostly disappointing and the only thing worth getting excited about is for the GTS-sourced OLED tail lights.

But knowing that BMW is deaf to the critics, the fans are not wasting any time complaining about the M4 CS as they are now more interested in the upcoming M2 CS. The smaller M2 is also going to get the CS treatment and it is slated to run on the same S55 engine that the M3/M4 does.

With such a setup, the M2 CS can churn out more than 400 horses and a little tuning to the turbos can bring up the figures to 745 WHP. This very possibility makes the M2 CS the more exciting car at the moment, even though it is still pending to get unveiled by BMW. Will it happen though?