2019 BMW X2 vs X1/X3: What’s The Diff?

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So, BMW has finally pulled the curtains off the upcoming X2 and the vehicle is expected to go on sale at the start of 2018. We have witnessed the unveiling and we have to admit that we found difficulties in finding an advantage with the X2 over the X1 or the X3.

The design of the X2 is not at all different from the other crossovers from BMW although the structure has got a much softer appearance thanks to having a cleaner finish, more curves and a sloping roof line.

This tweaked appearance has got an influence on the inside of the vehicle as commuters will enjoy more leg room on the X2 than on the X1 despite the near-similar measurements. Speaking of interiors, the button layout on the dashboard is no different to just about every other vehicle from BMW and the same can be said for the cabin style.

Since there are not much differences to talks about, we can sum up the X2 as a more stylish offering when compared t the X1 and X3 although by only a small margin.

The X2 is noticeably more aesthetic on the design-front and we have no doubt that the lack of advantages won’t have a negative effect on sales.