2019 BMW X7: PC Is Not Included!

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Yesterday, a spy photo of the next BMW X7 circulated online and it provided the world with a detailed look of the vehicle’s interior. Like how it is with the 7-Series sedan, the X7 promises to offer a high-end luxury cockpit but there will be more to the vehicle than just interior design.

The spy photo saw a PC taking the place of the front-passenger seat and it got some rumours claiming that it will be a feature for certain variants of the upcoming X7.

Well, after seeing the spy shot for ourselves, we have to say that the rumours are purely ridiculous. The PC is merely a tool to program the electronic features on the X7 and it is not intended for consumer use. On the other hand, we are amazed to see a number of people actually believing the rumours.

If you’re among them, the next X7 won’t come with a PC and you best not believe anything you see on the internet.

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