2019 BMW Z4: Can You Spot The Toyota Supra?

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It is no secret that BMW is developing the next-gen Z4 and the car is being built alongside the next-gen Supra. This explains why there is a lot of excitement surrounding the next Z4 and we can be glad to know that BMW has never shied away from sharing new information on the upcoming roadster.

The latest reveal took place at the annual Tokyo Motor Show where BMW brought out an updated Z4 Concept. The car is as pictured above and we are surprised to see it looking cleaner and neater.

We really like this new balance of luxury and sportiness on the Z4 as the aggressive front end managed to blend well with the clean-cut body. The interior colours gave the Z4 a premium finish and we sure hope that the production model will look just like it.

The only strange thing here is that we are unable to spot any Toyota Supra on the Z4’s design. Both vehicles are built together and previous spy shots have indicated on some similarities on the design.

Well, if it turns out that BMW has decided on being different, then we would definitely prefer this outcome.