2019 BMW Z4 May Have Found Its First Customer!

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The next-gen BMW Z4 is one of the most anticipated cars right now and it won’t be long until the vehicle makes its official sales debut. Despite the fact that BMW has yet to announce on the price tag for the upcoming Z4, one unit of the vehicle has probably been sold to an individual.

If you’re thinking of some hot shot that has no financial worries at all, you best look elsewhere because the first possible owner of the next-gen Z4 could be with the lad in the video below.

We personally don’t know the guy but we do know that he just bought a Z4 and crashed the car when driving his purchase home. The Z4 suffered heavy damages to its body and it may leave the owner thinking about paying the upfront fees for the next-gen model through his insurance claims.

Either way, the owner is probably livid over the fact that he never got a real chance with the Z4 and this may push him into getting the next-gen model.