2019 Chevrolet Malibu: Wait 5 Seconds To Remove This Ad!

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Okay it is not exactly just the Chevrolet Malibu. We chose this particular vehicle because it is one that is marketed with all the tech gimmicks – namely Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

The Malibu is equipped with a new MyLink infotainment system that can pair with a smartphone thus giving you access to a number of useful apps, namely Waze. The map app is a great tool for navigating but utilizing it on Android Auto will see an advertisement popping up every time the Malibu reaches a stop.

This is pretty alright in our eyes as it does not really affect the driver but then again, things can go wrong far too easily for Waze. On a normal day, the advert will close on its own everytime the Malibu is detected as moving but when the system jams, the advert will remain on the screen and pressing the X button won’t do a thing.

A number of Malibu owners have experienced the advert hiccup and it led new reports to surface claiming that Chevrolet is working on a new setup for in-car adverts. While nothing official has been revealed, the reports suggested on a YouTube like screen advert whereby the marketed content can be closed after 5 seconds.

The way we see it, this is starting to get more bothersome with ads running everywhere in your life, even in your peaceful journey on the roads. If the 5-second rule is to come true, then we can’t imagine how bad adverts in the Malibu will be far in the future.