2019 Chevrolet Silverado Overwrites Aluminium With Cylinder Focus!

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After falling behind the latest generation Ford F-150 for multiple years, GM has made some big changes to the Silverado as they want to make a strong comeback in the pickup truck scene.

The 2019 Silverado, despite not being a new-generation model, is made to be lighter and it will also be offered with a new mill. Early reports suggested that the new Silverado has succumbed to Ford’s aluminium ways, something which GM has openly provoked through unorthodox methods.

Seeing that the joke is now on GM as the Silverado has lost its share of the market to the F-150, the carmaker has decided to make the new mill extra special.

It was confirmed earlier today that the mill will be a V8 engine that will feature a sophisticated cylinder deactivation system whereby it can disable up to 7 cylinders depending on the nature of driving.

Such an offering will significantly improve fuel economy and driving efficiency with the new Silverado. The numbers from EPA are not out yet hence the verdict on the 2019 Silverado will need to wait.