2019 Corvette ZR1 Gets Porsche 911 R Price Mark-Up For A Bigger Cause

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If you can recall back to when Porsche brought out the 911 R a couple of years ago, the stellar-looking sports car ended up getting its price raised near the million dollar mark.

This is one of the biggest price mark-ups around, especially when you consider that the 911 R has an MSRP of about $200,000. It led to the consumers blasting the dealers for spoiling the market but even that is not enough to stop the rich echelon from adopting the 911 R.

Today, we witnessed another crazy price mark-up and this time, it involves the Corvette ZR1. The sports car from GM was launched very recently ago and the first model produced got sold for a whopping $925,000.

This is about the same price as the 911 R but the only difference here is that the Corvette ZR1’s price mark-up serves a greater cause. The first model produced was actually auctioned off at that price and the profits are made to go to housing for wounded service members.