2019 Corvette ZR1: Prospect Dashed By Bad Gearbox?

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It was about a month ago when Chevrolet brought out the all-new Corvette ZR1 and the car is still one of the most talked about vehicles today. The new Corvette ZR1 will be making its first deliveries early next year but we don’t have to wait until then to get an idea on how the car performs.

Seeing that the Corvette ZR1 is to have 750hp to offer and is equipped with tons of heat exchangers, the expectations are high for the vehicle to perform on the track. Heck, for all we know, the new Vette may just be able to rival the Porsche 918 Spyder at the Nurburgring.

Everything looks promising for the Corvette ZR1, until today when we viewed a video of the vehicle being pushed to the limit on the tracks by our friends at Car&Driver.

As predicted, the Corvette ZR1 is amazingly quick on the track but the live meter on the video suggests that things could’ve been better if GM is to equip the vehicle with the new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

The 10-speed unit is near the level of Porsche’s PDK but it didn’t manage to make it into the new ZR1. Instead of the 10-speed unit, GM opted for an 8-speed shifter which looks bad in the video.

Some of the things that are noticeable are the unpredictable paddle response time and awkward shifts under varying throttle and load conditions. We dare say that the gearbox on the latest Camaro ZL1 1LE looks more convincing when performing around the track.

All in all, the Corvette ZR1 is a stellar performer that could have touched even greater heights if the gearbox is to be the 10-speed unit rather than the 8-speed shifter.