2019 Corvette ZR1: Time To Forget Dodge Viper ACR?

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The Dodge Viper ACR is an icon in the American automotive industry but we feel that it is time for the great American supercar to step down from its throne for a newcomer.

We are referring to the newly unveiled Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which we feel like the proper successor for the Dodge Viper ACR. The new Corvette ZR1 made its debut yesterday and its numbers are already more attractive than the Viper ACR.

For starters, the ZR1 is likely to have an MSRP that is lower to the Viper ACR. Chevrolet has yet to announce on the price of the upcoming Corvette ZR1 but they did mention that the car will stick close to the MSRP of its predecessor.

Furthermore, the Corvette ZR1 will have a whopping 755hp to offer and this is way more than what the Viper ACR can pump out.

For about a year already, we have been hearing the Viper fans crying for a successor but there are no signs of Dodge plotting the development of the next-gen model. As such, those that wish for a brand new Viper should look at the Corvette ZR1 because it looks to be that perfect alternative.