2019 Ford Bronco Return May Revive Toyota FJ Cruiser

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Ford has confirmed on the return of the Bronco and the vehicle promises to put an end to Jeep Wrangler’s free pass in sales. The Bronco will arrive together with the Ranger, which is aimed at competing against the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma.

Today, a spokesperson from Toyota revealed that they are aware of the threats from Ford and are looking at ways to prevent the Ranger from making an impactful debut. On a separate note, rumours claim that Toyota is also planning to retaliate by spoiling the Bronco’s return.

The word is that Toyota is now considering bringing back the FJ Cruiser from the dead and the future vehicle will be tailored for greater off-road madness. The next-gen FJ Cruiser will adopt the same driving elements that are used on the Tacoma and it may also come out with a hybrid trim.

The FJ Cruiser has never managed to offer a big challenge to the Jeep Wrangler in the past but this will look to change if the rumours are spot on with their claims. If the rumours are right, we should be seeing more reports on the next-gen FJ Cruiser coming out in 2018 next year.