2019 Ford F-150 To Make Jeep’s Off-Roading Look Outdated

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What is there not to like about the Ford F-150? The full-sized pickup truck is the bestselling name in the segment it competes in and this is owed to the F-150’s off-road skills, power, performance and also reasonable MSRP.

But as good as the F-150 is when it comes to all-terrain performance, Jeep still gets the nod from the consumers for having the best off-road-tuned vehicles around. Off-roading has always been Jeep’s focus and we agree that names like the Wrangler and even the Renegade can offer a respectable, if not the best off-road experience around.

The only problem with Jeep is that their off-road technology does not have longevity and this serves as an opportunity for the Ford F-150 to outdo its rival.

Ford has confirmed earlier today that an F-150 Hybrid is in the works and it will be coming out next year. The hybrid powertrain will ensure that the F-150 can offer better towing due to having access to 100% torque via electricity and the setup will also improve the F-150’s mileage by a big margin.

Meanwhile, Jeep is still relying on pure petrol and diesel mills for the off-road vehicles, something that is expected to fall out of favour in the near future to come.

Unless Jeep is able to magically develop a well-tuned hybrid off-roader, their offerings may look outdated when being next to an F-150 hybrid.