2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: EcoBeast V8 Dividing Expectations

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It is no secret that Ford is developing the next-gen Mustang Shelby GT500. Dubbed as the fastest Mustang in creation, the vehicle is confirmed to run on a V8 mill but nobody has got a clue on what sort of 8-pot will feature on the GT500.

Some speculated that it will be a new and improved Voodoo V8 which can develop about 680hp. On the other hand, there are the rumors which are claiming it to be a supercharged V8 that is tuned to offer 800hp. The rumors pointed out that this outcome will also solve the mysterious EcoBeast moniker which Ford patented several years ago.

Well, we personally think that the rumors may be half right with their claims. The Shelby GT500 is likely to come out running on the EcoBeast mill but it won’t be a supercharged V8. It will instead by a twin-turbo V8 and this outcome will make more sense.

The past decade has seen Ford investing heavily on turbocharged technology and it saw the establishment of EcoBoost. EcoBeast is obviously a product of this investment due to the nature of the name and this makes it more likely for the GT500 to carry a twin-turbo V8.

But of course, we can’t confirm on the above until Ford officially unveils the next-gen Shelby GT500. That is expected to happen at the next LA Auto Show so stay tuned.