2019 Ford Ranger: Bronco Won’t Decide Its Design, F-150 Will

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After years of speculation, Ford has finally confirmed that they will be offering the Ford Bronco in the future but before that happens, we will be getting the Ford Ranger first.

Because of how sensitive the Bronco fans are about the design of the Ford Bronco, you would think that Ford would also give the Ford Ranger a Bronco base design so that it is easier to transition from the new Ranger decide back to the Bronco but that is not what Ford will be doing to the Ranger.

Based on some of the new spy images, it looks like Ford will be ignoring the Bronco design. Instead of giving the Ranger a new design that is similar to the Bronco, the Ranger will be getting a new design that is closer to the Ford F-150.

This can be seen in the front and back design of the Ford Ranger as well as the C-Shaped headlights and three-bar grille that the spies spotted.

The Ford Ranger was heavily covered in camo stickers so there might be more under the sticker that we do not know yet. It is also reported that the upcoming Ford Ranger will be coming with the new GM and Ford 1- speed auto transmission.