2019 Ford Ranger: F-150 Inspirations Leave GM Sweating!

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GM may have more pickup trucks on sale than Ford but that does not put them ahead of their rival on the sales front. In a 1-for-1 comparison, the F-150 has acquired more sales than the Chevrolet Silverado.

Come next year, Ford will be launching the next-gen Ranger and the vehicle is expected to make an impactful debut on the sales front. If the Ranger is to come out with a strong appeal, we don’t see why it can’t devour the Chevrolet Colorado’s sales.

The situation will be identical to that of the F-150 except that it will be for the midsized segment. Ford has already confirmed that the next-gen Ranger will be based on the global model. Seeing that the global Ranger is among the top-selling model in the segment it competes in, the vehicle is likely to capture a large slice of the local market upon making its debut.

GM is probably praying hard that the situation won’t be like the full-sized segment as such an outcome will push them further behind on the sales front. The verdict will be out when Ford launches the next-gen Ranger somewhere in the first-half of next year.