2019 Ford Ranger: F-150 Outcome Can Destroy Chevy Colorado & GM!

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2017 has not been kind to American vehicles as both Ford and GM recorded huge declines on a monthly basis. The only good news here is that utility vehicles are still performing healthily on the sales front.

In this department, Ford is dominating on most segments as it boasts having greater sales figures. The F-150, in particular, continues to record high sales thus widening the gap that separates it from the Chevrolet Silverado.

If that is not bad enough for GM, Ford is about to launch the next-gen Ranger. After years of absence, the Ranger will be making its return and it will be largely based on the global Ranger. Ford has teased before that the Ranger will also borrow some features from the F-150 in a bid to become more attractive in the segment.

If this is enough to replicate the success of the F-150 in the midsized pickup truck segment, it may spell trouble for the Chevrolet Colorado. Heck, GM as a whole may be forced into Ford’s shadows in the utility scene. Will it happen though?