2019 Ford Ranger: More Indications On Diesel-Powered Raptor!

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Ford may have confirmed on the development of the next-gen Ranger but they have yet to provide any clues on the powertrain that will be offered with the Raptor trim.

This opened the doors to countless speculations being made about the Ranger Raptor and the common claim here is that the performance-tuned pickup truck will be relying on a diesel engine.

The mill will be a turbo-diesel 6-pot engine that can develop about 345hp and 450ft-lbs of torque. This is pretty insane for a midsized pickup truck and it will show to the world that diesels can do well on a range-topping utility vehicle.

This claim has now been strengthened further today after Ford confirmed on the development of an F-150 Diesel coming out later this year. The reveal basically shows that Ford has got a powerful diesel engine to offer thus making it plausible for the Ranger Raptor to run on the same mill.