2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Can’t Beat Chevy Colorado ZR2 To Save It’s Life?

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One of the most exciting vehicles that is coming out early next year is the next-gen Ford Ranger as many are interested to see how the vehicle will compete with the Chevrolet Colorado.

The Ranger will go on sale in Q1 next year and soon after, it will welcome a Raptor variant. Like the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger Raptor is expected to come out with the best midsized pickup performance to offer but the only way to tell is through comparing the vehicle with the Colorado ZR2.

The latter is the current benchmark in midsized performance pickup truck and this is why it is exciting to see what Ford has in plans for the Ranger Raptor.

Unfortunately, the rumours are not doing a great job at hyping the Ranger Raptor as they are claiming that the vehicle will rely on a diesel powertrain. It was mentioned that Ford don’t want the F-150 and Ranger to share the same Raptor powertrain and having a high-powered diesel on the Ranger will add diversity to their line-up.

The thing here is that diesels are unpopular here in the US and we don’t see how the powertrain can live up to the Raptor expectations. If this is to be the outcome, then we completely understand if Chevrolet comes out saying that the Colorado ZR2 is feeling no threat from the Ranger.