2019 Ford Ranger Raptor May Come In Diesel Flavor!

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It is no secret that Ford is currently developing the next-gen Ranger and the pickup truck will be making its sales debut somewhere in Q1 next year.

Ford has already revealed that the next Ranger will be largely based on the global version of the Ranger. On top of that, Ford has teased on the idea of developing the Ranger Raptor.

Since that announcement, the rumors have never stopped offering ideas on what the Ranger Raptor is going to offer. Some mentioned that the Ranger Raptor is just a rescaled F-150 Raptor. Others mentioned that the Raptor model will be a standard Ranger but with a 3L twin-turbo mill.

Today, a new set of rumors surfaced online and they are claiming that the Ranger Raptor is going to rely on a diesel mill. The word is that Ford has decided on a 2L twin-turbo diesel engine for the Ranger Raptor and it will bless the pickup truck with heavy duty performance, great efficiency as well as 250hp.

It does sound plausible since Ford will need to adhere to CAFÉ regulations and a diesel mill can get the job done but would you be able to accept this offering?