2019 Ford Ranger Raptor vs Chevrolet Colorado ZR2: Is Full-Sized Outcome To Be Expected?

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the next-gen Ford Ranger and we can’t wait to check out the pickup truck in person. This cannot be helped as the next Ranger promises to spice up the midsized pickup truck market and it will also lead to the development of the Ranger Raptor.

Ford has admitted that they are considering building the Ranger Raptor and the vehicle can make it about a year into the Ranger’s return in the US market. The Raptor moniker has never failed to represent an overpowered pickup truck and this is why we are excited to see what the Ranger Raptor can offer.

The minimum requirement for the pickup truck is to level it with the best from Chevrolet, the Colorado ZR2. The Colorado ZR2 relies on a V6 mill with 308hp so if the Ranger Raptor can hit 350hp, then it will be on track to beat its rival.

And if this outcome is to come true, then it would mean that the midsized pickup truck segment is going to be no different from the full-sized segment where the F-150 Raptor rules the market.