2019 Ford Ranger vs Chevrolet Colorado: Is GM’s Days Numbered?

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GM has successfully revived the midsized pickup truck market when they launched the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado several years ago but they are still unable to dominate the segment. This is due to the Toyota Tacoma, which brags having the more attractive offerings.

Things are bound to get worst for GM in 2018 as Ford is about to re-enter the midsized scene. Ford has confirmed on the development of a new generation Ranger and the vehicle promises to sit at the top of the segment when released.

Many are expecting the Ranger to drag the Colorado down when released as the vehicle is newer and will have more exciting features to offer. The Ranger is built on the same platform used on the global Ranger and it will be taking a lot of inspirations from the larger F-150.

Seeing that the F-150 has successfully left the Chevrolet Silverado in its smokes, Ford may replicate the success of the large pickup truck in the midsized scene through the Ranger. More details on the Ranger are bound to surface before the year ends.