2019 Ford Ranger vs Chevrolet Colorado: Is Time Running Out For GM?

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Come next year, Ford is expected to launch the next-gen Ranger and the vehicle will be competing in the revived midsize pickup truck scene. The segment has seen the latest Chevrolet Colorado capturing a large slice of the market but this may not be enough to repel the Ford Ranger.

Many are tipping the Ranger to drag the Colorado down when released as the vehicle is newer and will have more exciting features to offer. The Ranger may be based on the global Ranger but it will be taking a lot of inspirations from the larger F-150.

Seeing that the F-150 has successfully left the Chevrolet Silverado in its smokes, the same outcome may happen when the Ranger gets released.

It will be a refreshed rivalry in the pickup truck scene and the Ranger has the prospects to deal the killer blow at the Colorado if executed with the right ingredients. The Ranger is expected to make its official public unveiling at the LA Auto Show in November this year.