2019 Ford Ranger vs Chevrolet Colorado: More Problems For GM To Bear!

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American car manufacturers are facing a financial crisis at the moment after months of experiencing poor sales. The only positive is that the pickup trucks are still flourishing and this explains why Ford is bringing back the Ranger.

The next-gen Ranger is due to arrive early next year and it will be competing in the midsized scene, against the Chevrolet Colorado. Seeing that GM is the worst hit brand on the financial front, the Ranger can really add on to GM’s problem should it be able to destroy the Chevrolet Colorado.

The odds are truly against GM, especially when you take into consideration that the larger Chevrolet Silverado is unable to outsell the Ford F-150.

When the Ford Ranger arrives, it is expected to come out with some features borrowed from the F-150 and this should give it greater prospects for success. The question is will the Ranger further push GM downwards on the financial end?