2019 GMC Sierra Promises Early Halloween For Ford F-150!

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It was very recently ago when Chevrolet teased on a new look with the 2019 Silverado and the photos confirmed on a fierce new design featuring on the pickup truck.

The new-looking Silverado gained a lot of love from the public thanks to having an aggressive appearance and it managed to shake up the F-150 community.

Well, seeing that the Silverado is one-half of GMC large pickup truck venture, it came to no surprise that its twin, the Sierra, is also coming into 2018 with similar aggression. Today, we can confirm on this further after a photo of the 2019 Sierra leaked online and it left us in shock.

This is because the Sierra looks overly-aggressive and such a facelift can certainly clear the road ahead by instilling fear on other road users. The Sierra has got a bull-like grille and narrow headlights which completes a fierce face.

If the new design is to bring success for the GMC Sierra while hurthing the F-150 at the same time, it will be a frightening year for Ford ahead.

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